Selling My Shopify Business !

Selling My Shopify Business !

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Selling My Shopify Business !
We were tired of watching all these half-made general dropshipping stores with 25+ days shipping times from China which are swept away from facebook advertising everyday. That’s why we decided we will build next level store in every area, especially in product quality and shipping times, which are 2 most important parts of this business. This is a general dropshipping store which is focused on selling to Australian market. We have a partnership Ebay suppliers/fulfilment warehouses which holds over 100's of mattresses and plenty of stock for each.

The reason of selling this business
We are simultaneously running 1 other branded niche store and we decided to put all our focus, energy and time on that brand and grow it further. We decided its much better to sell this store with 7-figure potential to someone who cares and is willing to put time, energy and money into it and really scale it to its max potential.

What's involved in running this business
The amazing thing of this store and our partnership with ebay warehouse is that fullfilment is completely 100% automated, meaning when the order comes in, our warehouse immediately pulls it into their system, fulfils it within 24hours, marks the order as fulfilled and puts tracking code into our store:) The things that you have to put in the work are : Product research, Advertising, Customer support and Social media.
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Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Region: Melbourne