Established Revenue Stream ($18,000+ net profit)

Established Revenue Stream ($18,000+  net profit)

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Established Revenue Stream ($18,000+ net profit)
Description: is a Work From Home Internet Business that currently generates $35,000 in monthly sales. The business uses the Drop Shipping Fulfillment method. Drop Shipping fulfillment is an e-commerce business model. E-commerce is an ever-growing industry that is convenient for both buyer and seller. Merchants can now manage a website rather than an entire retail store putting a lot of big retailers out of business.

The business is sold with training & support. Training will include how to operate the business and fulfill orders. I also provide training on advertising and marketing. When running an online business, advertising is very important. Training will be for two weeks and support will continue for six months after the sale of the business. This site is 100% user Friendly and semi-automated. I typically spend 10-15 hours a week running daily operations.

Established Revenue Stream (18,000+ average net profit monthly)
High Margins (Profit margins are up to 40% per product)
Huge Email List (Email list 33K)
High Customer Repeat Purchase Rate (78% repeat customers)

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Listing ID: #369
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Region: North Coast