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Whitetail is an Australian based Shopify e-commerce store with a target market in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, UK, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. The market can be changed to include other countries or sell to AU only. Nine months of solid work has been put into establishing the store which is fully set-up and ready to take to the next level. The hours you need to invest are now minimal. To see the online store click https://whitetail-interiors.com. Whitetail (the name of deer found in the US) is the brand name and the theme is adventure and life lived in the great outdoors. The store has Collections that include Cabin Decor, Bathroom, Outdoor, Backpacks, Hiking Gear and Outdoor Dog gear. The cabin decor focuses on products that are retro, rustic, and vintage inspired. The last group were added at a later stage because of they popularity. The store is stocked with approx 500 products, many of which have been chosen for their higher rate of sales on selection. There is no need to keep stock as the drop shipping company sends purchases directly to the customer. I have personally edited the titles and descriptions of all chosen products and you can add or delete products as you desire. I have an interest in conservation which has been spoken about on the home page & blog. This can be built on or deleted.

The website has been SEO (Search Engine Optimised). Keyword searches have been done and tested through 3 Google Ads campaigns. (This data will be made available to the buyer.) Ads are running in parter stores and Facebook campaigns are ready to be launched. Google Analytics has also been set up and the store has several important APPS installed.

The store's currency is in USD's which are converted into AUD's when funds go into your account. If you chose to market only to Australia then AUD's can be shown instead of USD's on the products. If marketing within AU, eBay integration is also an option. Your only outlay is approx $44 per month and whatever you wish to spend on advertising. If you include more products, paid APPs or other services, this would increase.

My goal has been to fully set up the store and run several trials without breaking the bank. Folk are now beginning to click on the stores home page and products. Sales are to be made and further advertising savvy and budget is required. Preferably social media! Facebook and Instagram. If you wish to purchase the store, all transfers can be done online. The Shopify support team are impeccable and often instant in their response, and my own support is also available during the transition period. For inquiries, please call or send an email.
Listing ID: #337
Country: Australia
State: Queensland
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Contact Email: rkr.jensen@gmail.com