Dropship Website No Experience Required!

Dropship Website No Experience Required!

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Dropship Website No Experience Required!
This is a “Dropship” website selling upmarket watches. No inventory is ever required and you only pay for the item when the money is in your account! Has already made more than $16000AUD in sales since January 2018.
This site started as a side project mostly to test my skills in web design but it ended up having extremely lucrative potential. Due to unexpected change of circumstances in personal life that requires attention and with no business experience, I decided to sell; it will be sad but I’d much rather see the site succeed.
The buyer will receive everything - domain name, website and login, and shopping cart system. The website is running fine on free hosting and the domain name has been paid for until next year!
There is minimal upkeep required, no website experience necessary. Just receive orders and replicate the order with the dropship supplier. You may get email enquires from potential customers also, nothing too dramatic. This is a very simple process, leaving the future owner plenty of time to improve the business. There are so many possibilities with this business,
very high potential; each sale is at least $1000AUD net profit! the sales so far have been from a low cost Facebook Ad campaign. I will assist buyer with information to replicate. I was planning on making social media accounts and start promoting on social media as well but did not get to it, that will improve the web business a lot, But there is so much you could do with this potential! With more than $16000AUD in sales this year from using extremely minimal marketing, design and content; a dedicated buyer that puts in effort will see the a lot success I’m sure. Though the site could use improvements, it’s the fact it’s been successful while being so minimal that makes it so great! It is a regretfully necessary sale, I truly want to see this web business reach potential; serious buyers only please.
Listing ID: #309
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
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Contact Email: Sam.Powerz01@gmail.com