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This platform was created as I was unable to find a central database of influencers and found going through agencies to be costly and not very rewarding. I wanted to cut out the middle person and negotiate directly with the Influencer. Welcome Brand Influencer!

Brand Influencer is a platform that connects Brands with Influencers. This is done by an Influencer creating a profile whereby brands can view and connect with them directly OR brands create a job listing where influencers can send a message direct to them if they’d like to work with them on the campaign. All terms and conditions are negotiated between the brand and influencer. We’re just the platform that connects the two.

Currently this site is free for brands and influencers to use. The aim was to get a solid base of listings and then once that was achieved start charging both parties.
Other work commitments have taken over and im not longer able to give this 100%. It has huge potential with the opportunities endless.

Asking is $7,000 but happy to negotiate
Listing ID: #336
Country: Australia
State: Queensland
Region: Sunshine Coast