Raising Little Men

Raising Little Men

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Raising Little Men
Raising Little Men was originally started just as a Facebook page where i shared tips on raising boys, boys fashion in Australia and really just thing to do with boys.

Last year I decided to make a website and originally was going to monetize it with ads related to boys and a directory of businesses that sell boys clothing or anything related to rasining boys however have no had time to get it all up and going. I have completed the website as best (not a website designer/builder) it has a page for a direcotry but the directory is not set up. I have put up a few blog posts for content. This is really a business idea that you can take in whatever direction your want to monetize it, ie. ads, affiliate marketing or direcotry or you may have other ideas. The beauty of it is you get Facebook page with over 630 followers, a facebook group with 77 members so you will hit the ground running with a following which can take a lot of time and money to build up. I think Raising boys is a niche that will go well as there are plenty of websites dedicated to children and girls but nothing that i have seen/found that is dedicated to boys fashion and shopping. You just need to put the work into networking with business and engaging with your followers to get it all going. I am not asking for much as obviously its not making any money at the moment however I do want to cover my costs and for website etc.
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Country: Australia
State: Queensland
Region: Darling Downs