Huge Growth Market -- Women Over 50 Lifestyle Blog


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Huge Growth Market -- Women Over 50 Lifestyle Blog
High-quality start-up magazine style blog site aimed at the women over 50 market which has already featured some of Australia's biggest names including Linda Jackson, Libbi Gorr, Denise Drysdale, Linda Cropper and many others waiting in the pipeline. Shopify site to distribute digital and physical issues of the magazine sitting ready to go, with the potential to add other related retail items in the future. A dedicated and loyal audience has already been built, currently sitting at 11.7K Instagram followers and 1.4K on Facebook.

Google adwords has been linked and set up with a huge potential to target with keywords and affiliate links. Sale includes all written and photographic content online and within mailchimp EDM system, as well as trademark on the name Broad Magazine for exclusive use (ex. any transfer costs)

Founder and current owner is selling due to an inability to commit the required amount of time to growing the business. A huge opportunity to target a growth market that is being largely ignored by traditional media outlets, with excellent lifestyle opportunity for a freelance writer or equivalent to build a thriving business from anywhere in the world. Very reluctant sale. Handover will include tutorial on uploading new posts, and running dowloadable magazine issues through the currently dormant Shopify store section of the site. Digital developer and troubleshooting contact can also be supplied.
Listing ID: #360
Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Region: Melbourne